April 6

2020 Next Steps

In response to the SAT decision last year and following discussions with the Shire of Murray and Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage, we are now preparing the Marina Village Precinct Activity Centre Plan (ACP) in accordance with the Point Grey Outline Development Plan.  The ACP includes the proposed marina and surrounding development.  Once the ACP has been assessed and approved we can proceed to lodging a development application for the marina, noting that all necessary Federal and State Environmental approvals are now in place for the project to proceed.

April 5

November 2019

SAT upheld the decision made by the Shire of Murray.

April 4

October 2019

Tian An Australia appealed the decision to the State Administrative Tribunal (SAT).

April 3

June 2019

The Shire of Murray voted against a stage one development application. Stage one involved the initial earthworks of the project.

April 2

September 2018

The EPA recommendation was formally approved by the Minister for the Environment.

April 1

August 2018

The EPA released its updated report supporting the request to extend the time limit to begin construction by 1 August 2022.

April 1

February 2018

The Minister for Environment advised the EPA that PGDC had requested the Time Limit for Substantial Commencement be extended until 1 August 2022 to allow sufficient time following completion of a new section 46 inquiry.

April 1

July 2017

Pursuant to section 46(1) of the EP Act, the Minister for Environment requested that the EPA inquire into and report on the matter of changing the implementation conditions relating to the Point Grey Marina proposal, in order to extend the time limit of authorisation for substantial commencement, taking into consideration any new information.

April 1

April 2017

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommended to the Minister for Environment that the extension be granted.

March 29

July 2016

The Point Grey Development Company requested an extension to the Time Limit for Substantial Commencement so that it would align with the Commonwealth approval timeline of 28 June 2019.

March 28

June 2014

An additional technical report was provided to the Commonwealth in 2014 and the proposal was approved under the EPBC Act on 28 June.

March 27

August 2012

The Minister for State Development; Transport; Innovation Bill Marmion gave conditional approval for the development.

March 26

December 2011

The Environmental Protection Agency released an Environmental Impact Assessment Report for Point Grey Marina.

March 25

June 2010

Commonwealth assessment – Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts determine development proposal falls under the Environmental Protection Biodiversity Act 1999