Survey reveals 75% of locals consider Point Grey Marina to play critical role in Peel economy

A new community survey has revealed significant local support for the Point Grey Marina development.

More than 500 people responded to the online questionnaire which was targeted primarily at people who live in the Shire of Murray and the City of Mandurah but also took into account those who live outside the area but who would like to visit or holiday there.

Tian An Australia commissioned the survey to gauge public support and knowledge of the project across all demographics and to give community members the opportunity to provide feedback on what they liked and disliked about the proposed project and what amenities they would like to see included.

Survey Findings

The survey asked if people had heard of the project and were subsequently directed to the Point Grey website. It was interesting to note that 64% of respondents said they had no prior knowledge of the project.

Respondents were then asked what they liked and disliked about the project:

  • Employment trended across the answers with the most common words used (131 times) were ‘jobs’, ‘job’, ‘local jobs’, ‘employment opportunities’, and ‘employment’.
  • 2% or 58 people cited the environment or environmental impact as an area of concern.

When asked what they would like to see incorporated into the development, more than half of the respondents (51%) said there was nothing they would add, while 10% said they wanted more leisure, parks, bushland reserve, environment or general community amenity areas.

Another interesting take-away from the survey results: when asked to rank (1 being not important and 10, very important) the importance of the marina to employment opportunities in the region, 75% rated Point Grey at a 7 or higher.

Based on these survey results, it’s clear that the overwhelming trend was the emphasis on job creation and general support for the project to proceed.

Tian An Australia Chief Operating Officer, Hai-Young Lu, said that the results were both positive and reassuring and a sign that the community was largely supportive of the benefits the project would deliver to the local community.

“While this was a good start in terms of seeking public opinion and feedback, it is just the first stage in terms of community consultation,” he said. “We welcome those from the local community and beyond to continue to share their views with us and to working in consultation with them to build a community that delivers a range of amenities and housing options.”

With 4000 jobs created during construction and 1400 permanent jobs thereafter, the Point Grey Marina will play a significant role in the financial future of the Peel region. The broad community support confirms the need to proceed with this project as soon as feasibly possible to ensure the best outcome for all.